Lincoln University with the New Zealand Conservation Authority invite you to participate in this important conference: “TOWARDS IMPLEMENTING A 2050 VISION FOR THE PROTECTED AREAS OF AOTEAROA/NEW ZEALAND”, June 20th, 21st. 


Aotearoa New Zealand is working to become predator free by 2050. But there are many other challenges facing our protected areas. This conference brings together policy, mana whenua, planning and management, recreation, tourism and innovation, as we develop a 2050 vision for the protected areas of Aotearoa New Zealand.

What are some of the key questions we need to consider? Do the National Parks Act, the Conservation Act, the Reserves Act, the Marine Reserves Act, the Marine Protected Areas Bill, and associated legislation provide enough direction? Are these laws fit for purpose in the 21st Century? What role do our protected areas – both publicly and privately owned and managed - currently play, and what role do we think they should play in NZ’s cultural, social, environmental and economic wellbeing? What would a vision for national parks and other protected areas mean in practical terms? What outcomes do we want to achieve for our national parks and other protected areas generally, and what mechanisms do we need to get there? 

PA2050 is hosted by Lincoln University in association with the New Zealand Conservation Authority. It is an opportunity for all involved to propose the key elements for success in valuing, managing, maintaining, strengthening our protected areas. We seek to identify ambitious goals, and pathways for their implementation, that span the land, freshwater, marine and Antarctic environments for which we are kaitiaki. Through key note speakers, academic and agency presentations, and exhibiting posters, we will explore key ideas and proposals that could shape our protected areas by 2050. Digital opportunities will enable you to be part of the discussion.

Speakers include:

  • Warren Parker, Chair of NZ Conservation Authority
  • Lou Sanson, Director-General of the Department of Conservation
  • Kerry Prendegast, Chair of the Environmental Protection Authority and the New Zealand Tourism Board
  • Jamie Tuuta, CEO of Te Tumu Paeroa
  • Peter Cochrane, IUCN Councillor and former Director of National Parks and Head of Parks Australia
  • Jacinta Ruru, University of Otago 
  • Chris Roberts, Chief Executive of Tourism Industry Association
  • Hugh Logan, Chair, Land and Water forum, former Secretary for the Environment, and former Director-General of the Department of Conservation
  • Robin McNeill, Editor of Moirs Guide to South and Outdoor Legend
  • Guy Ryan, CEO of Inspiring Stories and Young New Zealander of the Year 2015
  • Mick Abbott, Lincoln University
  • Mandy Leathers, World Wildlife Fund NZ
  • Mike Jebson, Chief Executive of QEII Trust
  • Kennedy Warne, Founding Editor of New Zealand Geographic
  • Eric Pyle, Chief Executive Walking Access Commission

With more speakers to be announced

We invite you to participate in the following ways:

  • Displaying and presenting poster material.
  • To participate in the conference, including taking part in discussions


Header image by: Chris Fort


Early Bird Registered before 28th May: $380

Early Bird Registered before 28th May for        Alumni/NGO's/Conservation Board: $280

Standard Registration 28th May or later: $450

Standard Registration 28th May or later for Alumni/NGO's/Conservation Board: $330

Full time student fee also available


Accommodation booking is the responsibility of the attendee.


For all general/administrative enquiries contact:


Mick Abbott  (Lincoln University) and Mark Christensen (New Zealand Conservation Authority)

General information

Parking: Plenty of parking is available for free at Lincoln University.

Transport: Attendees are to make their own transport arrangement.

Wifi: Free access to wifi while on Lincoln University campus

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